Social Work

The title of this post is a double entendre. I’ll explain it later :)

My college years have been a bit hectic. In terms of my social life, I feel like I have made some bad choices, but in the end, if I could I would relive every single moment and not change a thing. I am a firm believer in the quotation “everything happens for a reason.” I learned from these mistakes. You have to crawl before you walk. 

This year, I put a lot of effort into my social life in the beginning - to the point where I called it ‘social work.’ However, as time progressed, I found myself staying inside more often. I only went out to party a handful of times. I even missed a couple of big Trinity events because I was either too lazy to leave the apartment or felt frustrated at the fact that I had to beg people to go out with me. 

I feel like relationships that started off strong freshman year slowly deteriorated. Maybe it’s a good thing. People need to move on, especially if it’s a friendship/relationship that put you in a bad place. But it could also be a bad thing. These are people that helped you progress through the toughest four years of your life (so far, anyway). Separating from someone who you shared a lot of moments with can be tough. I put a lot of work into my social life, but I guess sometimes you don’t get the output you had hoped for. That’s life.

In terms of romance, nothing really happened. It’s been a year since I dated someone. I was into someone this past school year - as a matter of fact, I still am. But he is just as shy as I am, and quite frankly, I am tired of being the one that makes the first move. Nothing happened, and I don’t expect anything to happen, unless it’s truly in God’s will. We’ll see.

I also have to mention my apartment situation. Boy did I get myself into some drama between my roommates! However, I think that in the end, we all learned to respect each other’s space.

I would make this a more detailed post, but I am extremely tired. I am working a full 8 hours at the daycare! But only until next week. Eish!


I’ve Been Work-Work-Work-Work-Working on my ish

(Cont’d from last post) The workload. What can I say about the workload of this past year? it was hectic but I made it through. 

Let’s start with the actual class workload. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The thing that made it worse was the fact that I would wait to the last minute to do papers. However, I’d only do this with classes that I knew I would get As in (which I did). There were just some nights where I would literally come into my room, sit my bag down, change into comfortable clothes and pass out for 8 hours. I’d wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning and do work until about 9, then get ready for class. Seriously. I was doing the most. Class, working up to 4-5 hours a day, school clubs, TA sessions, volunteering at the hospital, you name it, I did it. Although there were some papers that I knew I could have did better on, I must pride myself on the fact that I did it. 

Next, I have to talk about my thesis. That thing is my baby. Seriously, it took about nine months to complete (I’m very serious about this). I went into it with a completely different idea - to be honest, I can’t even remember the original idea. However, since the professor I wanted to work with was on maternity leave for the entire year, I worked with my regular advisor, who specializes in stereotypes and social psychology. The title of my thesis is “Gender Differences in Regards to Work-Parenting Balance.” If you want to read it, you can Google it :) (I’m very serious about that, too). I focused on attitudes towards marriage, parenting and careers, and tied that into sexism. My advisor worked my butt off. He expected nothing but the best from me, and that’s what I gave him. 

Next, working at the daycare and volunteering only added more stress to my life, but in the end it was positive. I love working with the children, and I already miss them so much. A lot of them grew up before my eyes - I started working in the infant room, then the director switched me to the preschool side. So I saw some of them as babies, then as toddlers. Wow. Their progress is nothing short of amazing, and I know that they will always be blessed. 

I did all of this and still graduated with a great GPA. God is so good.